A Brief Introduction


I tend to see a lot of individuals who have a vague sense that something is missing despite general success in their lives. This becomes especially perplexing for this group of individuals who can usually rely on making cognitive sense of situations. My practice involves helping these individuals to recognize losses, to acknowledge they can have needs without being needy, to feel worth beyond their achievement, and to appreciate that we have inner and outer lives that are really complex. I believe in non-judgmental curiosity, where all thoughts, impulses, and actions can exist for us to wonder about together. My clinical experience includes but is not limited to anxiety, depression, personal and cultural trauma, relationship difficulties, self-identities, and substance abuse as well as other compulsive behaviors.

I have a particular interest in seeing individuals whose drive to self-contain carries over into problematic forms of coping. This may translate to addictions to substances or, alternatively, to  behaviors such as skin picking, hair pulling, nail biting, gambling, and binge eating. I understand that activities, food, and the body can, over time, become sources of comfort more reliable and personally acceptable than people. My goal is to foster an experience that provides individuals with renewed possibility and respect for the things we simultaneously want to move toward and away from.

What you can expect to improve by working together:

  • Connection to yourself and others
  • Motivation beyond fear
  • Feelings of choice and ownership over decisions
  • Acceptance of the things you cannot change
  • Changing of the things you cannot accept
  • Reduction of the "shoulds"
  • Self compassion > Self esteem
  • Self-assertion, especially regarding needs, limits, and boundaries

To those suffering from our systemic racism, sexism, ableism, classism, heterosexism - I see you and I want to hear you. Get in touch.